Biden to usher in Obama’s third term

Joe Biden can deny it all he wants, but Barack Obama is back, big time.
No, Obama will not be taking the oath of office on Jan. 20 to become president again.
He does not have to. He has Joe Biden standing in for him. Biden, despite denials, is Obama’s third term.
Joe Biden would not even be president had not Obama plucked him out of a Democratic Senate lineup to be his 2008 running mate. Prior to that Biden, your average Joe, had run for president twice and been defeated.
Right out of the box Biden has shown that he is relying on Obama’s  bullpen to stock his administration, beginning with John Kerry, the man who won’t go away. Kerry ran for president in 2004 and also lost.
Biden last week named Kerry as the country’s “climate czar,” whose first mission will be to save the planet, as well as to keep a rising ocean away from his $11 million beachfront home on Martha’s Vineyard.
Kerry, who served with Biden in the U.S. Senate, was Obama’s secretary of state. As such, he negotiated the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris Climate Agreement.
Both were trashed by President Trump, who took turns calling one or the other — or both — the worst deals in history.
Neither deal was submitted to the U.S. Senate for ratification as a treaty must — which Obama knew he would lose — but came into being as executive actions.
However, both were important parts of Obama’s legacy, such as it was, and were negotiated by Kerry. Now Biden will restore that legacy by rejoining both deals. Obama’s legacy lives, until Trump gets elected again.
Meanwhile not only is Biden surrounding himself with Obama people, but he is also adopting Obama policies as well.
Were he not so feeble, Biden, 78, could conduct his own international apology tour the way Obama did in 2009. He could rename Air Force One “Apology II.”
That was when newly elected Obama traveled abroad to apologize for his country, bowing to dictators and despots like Chinese Communist dictator Xi Jinping, the king of Saudi Arabia, the emperor of Japan, among others.
In 2016 he went to Havana to hang out with Communist strongman Raul Castro, the late Fidel’s brother. And when Raul Castro, head of his police state, accused the U.S. of human rights violations, Obama said, “I would not disagree with him.”
These leaders, as well as the Europeans and the Iranians, love Joe Biden just as they loved Obama. It was Trump they worried about.
Now the mullahs in Iran will be lining up again at the Tehran Airport waiting for the U.S. cash plane to arrive with hush money they will use to build their nuclear bombs and restore their terrorist campaigns.
U.S. cash will also flow into deadbeat counties which, under the Paris agreement, are too poor, or too smart, to spend their own money on climate change. The spigot is open.
Like Obama, Joe Biden is an easy mark globalist.
The U.S. will once again pick up the NATO tab, for instance, and U.S. forces will once again protect Germany and France at our own expense. China has Biden’s number as well and will win trade advantages and jobs, just as China did with Obama. And watch for Kim Jong-un of North Korea to restart nuclear blackmail now that Trump is gone.
But first there is John Kerry, the pope of pap, to sermonize and lecture us on climate religion. Kerry keeps a vial of Antarctic air on his desk to remind him of his role to save mankind.
Here is what he wrote in his book “Every Day is Extra”: In the years to come, “There will likely be large numbers of climate refugees as a result of drought, more intense storms, food shortages caused by catastrophic failure of crops, fires, water shortages, fish stock failures, sea level rise, migration of species, including human beings impacted by killer heat, new communicable diseases and failure of health systems to cope — just to name some of the challenges already manifesting themselves.”
But not to worry, Pope John is on the case. His sanctuary on Cape Cod has seven bedrooms. You can seek refuge there if it is not underwater. He might even give you a whiff of his precious Antarctic air.
Please, someone, save us from our saviors.

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