Ski Wednesday: Wachusett will be a go-to during the pandemic

They’ve long been our quick fix for a powder day, mental health ski break or a quick night skiing jaunt. This year, Wachusett Mountain Resort ( could see one of its most successful seasons ever.
The perfect morphing of their popularity (named the No. 9 eastern ski resort by Ski Magazine this year) and the need for most of us to stay within our borders means many of us will turn to Wachusett for a fun escape this winter.
Like any ski or ride experience this winter, planning your Wachusett trip will be key.
First, season passes for the resort sold out this season in a snap. Good news for those of us who didn’t make that purchase when it was available, though. The resort limited the number of passes sold so that day tickets would still be available pretty much daily all season.
Wachusett, which spins lifts most days from early morning through late night, has divided ticket purchase choices up into chunks of hours, or “sessions” as they are calling them.
You can choose from these: For early birds, Session One runs from 7:30-11:45 a.m. on weekends and holidays and from 9 a.m. to noon on weekdays and non-holidays.
Lovers of high noon and midday sun can choose Session Two, which runs from noon to 3:45 p.m. on weekends and holidays, and from noon to 4 p.m. on weekdays and non-holidays.
Night skiers can choose Session Three that runs from  4-7 p.m. all nights, and Session Four that runs from 7-9:30 p.m. from Dec. 25 to March 13.
Tickets must be purchased online and in advance. There is no at-resort window purchase option this winter.
Arrival looks like this: An expanded drop-off area allows you time and space to get the heavy gear out of the car before you head to your parking spot to boot up. Be aware: there is some indoor and outdoor storage, but pack and plan in a way that uses your car for storage whenever possible. (Side note: If dropping off a child to ski or ride for the day, confirm they have a place for a bag if you send them with before you leave them there. Space does run out).
A smart plan? Pull into a spot, boot up the rest of the family and drop them off so only the driver need take a shuttle spot. No worries if they have to wait for you, since the resort has placed heated benches and fire pits around the base area. Better yet, encourage your brood to crank out a run or two while waiting.
There’s an online ticket pick-up window for quick outdoor service as well. Once you park (there are not requirements for parking reservations at this point), boot up and then either walk or wait for the shuttles. Be aware shuttles are running at half capacity so there may be a little more wait time.
Once mountainside, it’s pretty much a normal ski and ride day. Lifts will load with some empty seats, so the lines may be a bit longer. But with Wachusett’s fast lifts, it’s easy to get decent vertical in even in a few hours time.
Dining is available, with options like O’Brien’s outdoor deck, fire pits and heaters and even heated benches scattered for outdoor dining, some special food truck fun and of course, the Waffle Cabin, a quintessential ski day treat experience that even a pandemic cannot deny us.
Should you need rentals, those are arranged in advance and online as well and are picked up outdoors. You can also lease those rentals for the season, if you’re planning on more than a couple of ski or ride days.
Pro tip? Opt for a non-holiday weekday whenever you can, since weekends draw bigger crowds.
With travel to other states tricky, Wachusett will draw crowds this year. But with social distancing, masking, and their twice-a-day all mountain grooming plan, the ski and ride kids are going to be all right.

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