Ski Wednesday: Gift ideas for the season

Another silver lining of this most unique (we hope) ski season? Gifting your skiing and riding loved one is going to be super easy – and useful – this holiday season.
With a shift to being outside just about all day, skiers and riders this season will have two main “base lodges” – their car and their jacket. To make that work well is going to take something skiers and riders love: cool new tools.
From gearing up and down in comfort to noshing in a top-notch way to staying plugged in, we’ve got just the right holiday gifts for your mountain lover this season and beyond.
Boot up Base: The last thing you want your skier/rider to do is get wet, cold snow and muck on their socks while booting up. Why not gift them with a dry, soft and fun surface for just that? Custom door mats are the perfect solution. It can be laid flat or rolled up to store easily in the car, and each skier and rider pulls theirs out at boot-up time. We found a great selection, along with the ability to customize, here at Coca And Bass ( and Zazzle ( Have fun with the customization and get each “Car base lodge” occupant their own.
Perfect Power: As much as we hate to admit it, we need our phones to be powered up while out there. It’s not about the ability to get calls (your boss can wait until after your ski day, thank you very much). It’s about tracking our vertical, using resort apps for lift updates (and COVID-19 updates this season) and yes, getting that perfect selfie. This season, there will be no quick charging in the base lodge (and the cold does seem to eat up power), and who wants to lug a clunky back-up charger around? The solution: the sleek, slim and powerful Clutch, the world’s thinnest phone charger.
Clutch is about as thick as just two quarters and super sleek; you can slide it into your jacket pocket just like a credit card. Weighing just two ounces, it has a cool design that keeps the charge attachment cord connected and tucked away. It serves all current USB-C, iOS and Android devices, so your loved one can even be a hero on the chairlift when another person hits zero bars. (
Superior Storage: While most every resort will have food for sale, it’s going to very much be the season of the bagged lunch. And while those memories of your childhood ski day bag lunches are lovely, they often involved a soggy tuna sandwich in a now-ripping bag. This season, gift your skier/rider with a Rigwa Life Bowl and its companion “divide and conquer” set.
The Rigwa Life Bowl is durable stainless steel and keeps anything hot or cold for at least four solid hours (and it tested well doing this). With the divide and conquer set you can choose to fill one large container with that hot or cold meal, or split up sections, the foods never touching but staying fresh all day. Perfect to tuck that meal away in the car for lunchtime freshness. (
Message in the Mask: Yes, we do have to mask up while skiing and riding this winter, and that means more than just your usual vented ski mask. Why not make it fun for your loved one with a selection of themed mountain sport masks? We love the choices at Ski The East, where you can choose from bluebird ski day scenes, cute ski jump prints and even a bold “Ski the East” declaration mask. May as well make all this safety fun. (
Fluffy Feet: Famed US Ski Team member Tyler Palmer said it best years ago when asked his favorite thing about skiing: “Taking my boots off.”
It’s true, skiing or riding, that moment you slip off your boots is near heaven. To make it perfect for your loved one, gift them with instant après comfort with a pair of KO-Z SNPR boots from Dekkers X Lab.
First, they’re made of all the best stuff for comfort. The KO-Z SNPR is constructed of EcoTan sheepskin and EcoTan cow suede leather and is lined with recycled looped wool (which, great addition, are natural thermoregulators, keeping your feet at an ideal temperature, eliminating that too-hot feel some après boots bring.)
Even better: they slip on so smoothly you’ll be out of your gear and into your dry, comfortable footwear in a snap, an important thing this “car as a base lodge” season. They’re good looking as well. (

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