Patriots OC Josh McDaniels remains in Cam Newton’s corner

The Patriots don’t seem to mind riding the roller coaster known as Cam Newton. The braintrust continues to support their struggling quarterback.
Along with head coach Bill Belichick, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has now backed Newton, at the very least, for the foreseeable future.
Asked if he had the full faith and confidence that Newton could get the job done as a passer, and could do everything that needs to be done in the offense, McDaniels didn’t hesitate with his answer.
“Absolutely,” he said.
Newton has had problems picking up blitzes, making quick decisions while reading the defense, and getting rid of the football quickly.
Newton’s effort against the Cardinals, throwing for just 85 yards with a pair of interceptions, and regressing to the same issues that plagued him weeks ago, doesn’t appear to have changed McDaniels view of his quarterback.
Asked about Newton’s confidence level, McDaniels, speaking via a conference call, didn’t seem to think that was a problem.
“Cam’s pretty consistent. I think he’s also mature and understands that his process each week is the same,” said McDaniels. “He works extremely hard to put himself in position to be prepared to play the best he can play. That’s what his focus is usually on all week long. He doesn’t look back.
“It’s impossible to do that in this league,” he went on. “If you’re looking in the back the last two, three, four weeks, six weeks, whatever it is, it’s hard to continue to move forward and make progress.”
McDaniels had no complaints or issues with Newton’s work ethic, ability to take coaching, and desire to improve. The numbers, however, aren’t pretty.
While Newton has completed a near career-high 66.9 percent of his passes, they’ve gone for just 1,984 yards. He also only has four touchdown passes with nine interceptions.
Still, McDaniels remains in his corner.
“He listens to coaching very well, he takes great notes. He tries to work on the areas of the game that we’ve addressed and tried to point out that we can make progress and improve on, and he’s pretty consistent as a human being,” said McDaniels. “That’s part of what makes him a good leader, he comes into the building every day, he’s got a positive outlook and positive frame of mind. He’s got good energy.”
As a veteran, Newton also isn’t a stranger to the ebbs and flows of a season, and the up and down nature of the position.
“He’s been through this before. He’s had a day that’s been great, and then he’s had a day that’s been less than what he was looking for, and he’s been able to bounce back from those and continue to surge forward and try to continue to play good football and help us win,” said McDaniels. “The best part about Cam Newton, the only statistic he cares about, is the one in the win column.
“We’ve gotta try to make improvements where we can, and we will,” McDaniels went on. “And I know he’ll work extremely hard to do that. Part of being a good leader and a good teammate is you gotta try and find a consistency with your approach, and he does a really good job of bringing that every day for his teammates.”
McDaniels also stressed the offense isn’t just a byproduct of the quarterback. He pointed to other areas that have to be in sync including the offensive line, receivers, picking up blitzes, etc. And, he included himself in the mix.
“Passing the football well has never been one man’s job. We’ll never be that way. So, we’ve gotta do a good job executing as a group, as a unit, and I have to do a good job of trying to put them into position to be able to do that.”

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