Letters to the editor

Fund cultured meat
President-elect Joe Biden, who won the endorsement of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, should support federal funding for cultured-meat research. Cultured-meat is grown from cells, without slaughtering animals. There is no greater crime than what we do to nonhumans in food production.
We kill over a trillion aquatic and land creatures every year for this purpose. According to the Population Reference Bureau, only about 107 billion humans have ever lived. The amount of suffering our food system produces is beyond anything we could imagine. Biden could help end this by supporting government investment in cultured-meat research.
— Jon Hochschartner,
Granby, Conn.
Fighting hunger
I am very concerned about the increase in hunger during this pandemic. Less than half of families with children are “very confident” they can afford to put food on the table this holiday season according to the latest Census Bureau research. People are being forced to choose between rent and groceries.
Some leaders in Congress are ignoring this hidden hunger crisis, dragging their feet on any food assistance for families. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly Food Stamps) is our nation’s first line of defense against hunger. And it helps our economy recover — every $1 in new SNAP spending creates $1.50-1.80 in economic activity.
There has been some bipartisan support in Congress to increase SNAP benefits during this crisis. I urge our members of Congress to resume COVID-19 relief negotiations now and quickly pass legislation that increases the maximum SNAP benefit by 15%.
— Karyn Barry,
Changes on the way
Well, John Forbes Kerry is Biden’s pick for the climate post, so Kerry will spearhead the Green New Deal. This is just the beginning of changes such as the start of ending fracking and the increase of wind turbines throughout the country. All individuals who are in our country illegally will get a pass and become citizens. There will be changes in law enforcement and I’ve got a feeling Vice President Kamala Harris will head up that area. Moreover, whatever President Trump did during his four years, Biden has said he will change, such as $12,000 standard tax deduction, entering into World Health Organization, re-entering the Paris Climate Agreement and starting up the Iran nuclear deal.
— Tony Meschini,
Green New Deal
Common sense would tell you that the “Green New Deal” is a pie in the sky solution to climate change.
Clearly, things have to be done to reduce carbon emissions and things are being done in the U.S., while places like China continue to build coal-fired power plants.
No industrial nation can function solely with renewable energy sources. With the advent of millions of electric vehicles on the road the need for electrical power will increase dramatically.
The military requires fossil fuel to power tanks, ships and planes. If fossil fuel goes away it might embolden our enemies to act.
To keep our nation strong we must remain energy independent, continue to explore new sources of energy including nuclear power while complementing these sources with renewable energy technology.
— Paul Quaglia,
Pardoning Flynn
The only disgraceful note to the pardon of Gen. Michael Flynn is that President Trump had to do it in order to overturn a disgraceful performance from the Justice Department from top to bottom.
— Al DePaoli,

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