Sainted: Hoping these people appreciate the impact they had on others

St. Jerome School serves many families with economic needs, especially during the pandemic. It was a great blessing to be able to offer some assistance to our families. Please allow me to saint the following kind and thoughtful people who brought much joy and support to our St. Jerome School community:
The West 7th Boys Club, led by Snap Leitner, donated grocery gift cards, bikes and a car full of toys to our community. Their concern and care for our students was deeply humbling and appreciated.
Additionally, St. Ambrose School’s middle school collected food for our families. On the Tuesday before Christmas break, they delivered enough food for us to pack 60 take-home bags for our families. I hope these young people appreciate the impact they had on others.
And, the good parishioners of Holy Childhood Church thought of us as well, and delivered grocery cards, gift cards and toys. They delivered hope and certainly many smiles.
At times when so many difficult situations are occurring, it is heartwarming to be reminded of humanity’s goodness. On behalf of our students, families, and staff, thank you.
Anne McNeill Gattman, St. Paul
The writer is principal, St. Jerome School
The four angels who stopped to help me on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 13. While walking my dog Daisy, I had slipped on the ice and fallen at County Road B and English Street in Maplewood. I injured the hamstring in my right leg and couldn’t walk — I couldn’t even straighten my leg.
They took us home to drop off Daisy and then took me to the emergency room at St. John’s hospital.
One of the four, I believe her name was Arnetta, was on her way to work but took the time to help me out, making her late for work. I am sorry I did not get the names of the other three individuals who stopped to help. I am very grateful to all four of you for taking time out of your day to help me and for the others who stopped to see if I needed an ambulance.
Thank you all so very much and may God bless you always.
Stephen Lancette, Maplewood
My son’s car broke down in a left-hand lane on Lexington and County Road J Wednesday night. He had no lights and no flashers.
Sainted to the sweet gal who pulled over next to my son’s car with her flashers on and stayed until we got there.
We thank you so much, you are an earth angel!
Linda Marshall, Stillwater
Sainted to Frederick Melo and the Pioneer Press for the outstanding review of 2020 Helpers in Monday’s Pioneer Press. What a joy to look back on so many acts of help and kindness in this difficult year.
I was not aware of most of these actions and am delighted to be reminded of the ones I had hear about. Thanks so much for reminding us all of the good things happening in our town and the efforts of so many to improve our community.
Jan Casey, St. Paul
Many thanks to Ross Raihala for his thoughtful, imaginative piece on Twin Cities musicians. I enjoyed reading about how creative people have coped with the pandemic, and I have mined the “music that helped” section for a whole list of singers and tunes to get me through the next crisis.
George Slanger, Lakeville
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