Lesson learned from pandemic: Time is of the essence

What a roller coaster ride the past year has been, but we did learn a lot. We need to start the new year off by making the most of those lessons — in particular our knowledge of the coronavirus, which now comes at us with an even more contagious variant. And of course, we have a lot of work to do to readjust our government so it  better serves the people who elected it. Here are a few thoughts:
1. Get more shots distributed. Find multiple ways to accelerate getting vaccine shots from the freezers into the arms.  Stop the blame game — President Trump accusing states, states accusing the White House — it’s all a waste of valuable time. It is shameful that more shots are sitting in freezers than injected and that our elderly are waiting in line in some states for the shot but too often turned away.
Maybe we can increase vaccination sites by piggybacking on test sites — basically going where we know the public already congregates. How about bringing in the National Guard to help? There’s no question they know how to get things done and have been our heroes throughout this pandemic. Kudos to Gov. Charlie Baker and his administration, who are working on designating vaccination sites to ramp up the shots.
2. Georgia on my mind. So far 3 million ballots had been cast before Tuesday’s race in Georgia. That would seem to be a trend that has favored Democrats. We certainly need to do something to change the Senate. Turning down relief payments of $2,000 for a paltry $600 is just one example of their shameful practice of politics over people. If we are lucky enough to elect the two Democratic senators from Georgia, it will change the Senate and hopefully serve to get the body back in step with the needs of the people it serves — a Georgia victory would make it easier. It helps that we will have a president who can work with folks from both sides of the aisle.
3. A last hurrah. On Jan. 20, Trump will be gone from office. No one should be “shocked or awed” by President Trump’s ramp-up of reality show buffoonery. I expect there will be more outrageousness in his few remaining days in office. I don’t think anyone expected him to go away quietly. But it’s time for us to close this sordid chapter.
As for the “ReTrumplicans” as CNN’s Chris Cuomo calls the Republicans who support the president and plan to give Trump a parting gift by disrespecting the will of the people — shame on you if you go through with this indignity. If you do, you don’t deserve the office you hold.
4. A fight — and a conundrum. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as secretary of labor or third-term mayor? For politics-watchers like me, this is beyond intriguing, with touches of irony. Walsh and Asian American Julie Su (California’s labor secretary) are said to be finalists for the labor secretary post in Biden’s Cabinet. If Walsh chooses to run for re-election, he will face Asian American Michelle Wu and African American Andrea Campbell in his quest for another term.  I believe Labor is Walsh’s if he wants it. But will he take it?
5. Diversity wins out? If Mayor Walsh does move to Washington, there will be an open seat for mayor, and others will be thinking about jumping into the ring, including City Council President Kim Janey of Roxbury, who would become interim mayor. Janey, who represents a critical bloc of  minority voters in a minority majority city, a group most impacted by the pandemic, will no doubt be a player. But right now it’s all just speculation.
I think Mayor Walsh will stay here, but it will be hard to turn down a president. It could go either way.

Joyce Ferriabough Bolling is a media and political strategist and communications specialist.

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