In 2020, Patriots quarterback Cam Newton learned he’s a ‘mentally tough S.O.B’

Cam Newton can’t wait to usher out 2020. To say the least, it’s been a crazy year between signing with the Patriots late, contracting COVID-19, along with the ups and downs of the season.
While the 31-year-old quarterback has experienced plenty in his life, and gone through a lot, he did learn something about himself.
“I’m a mentally tough S.O.B., bruh,” Newton said.
That mental toughness, however, wasn’t just about succeeding Tom Brady and the expectations that went with that, struggling in the offense, and being one of millions who have dealt with the coronavirus.
The worst part by far from the entire 2020 experience was not seeing his children. It was missing two of their birthdays during the season. It was missing one of his kids’ first steps. That was the hardest part for him, dealing with the absence from his kids, and milestone events in their lives while being bound in New England.
Newton told reporters on a video conference Thursday he learned just how tough he could be handling all of that.
“It’s like any father, any mother who’s on this call right now to go without talking to your kids or your family. That was — that’s everything, you know what I’m saying?’’ Newton began, “because like, I’ll put it like this: And I’m being honest, right? I had two birthdays that I didn’t see. My son Chosen’s birthday was on Christmas Eve. I didn’t get to see it with him. My son Cashmere’s birthday was on September 30, and I didn’t get to see that too. Cashmere just turned 1, so that was kind of a big deal for him. Chosen just turned 5. So — and even more or less, not seeing my kids’ first steps.
“Like, all of those things, being unemployed for 86 nights, yeah that’s tough. Having injuries, yeah that’s tough. Going through this season and you can kind of assume what a juggernaut media market that Boston is in Foxboro, New England, whatever you want to call it,” he went on. “The slander that comes with living up to the TB12 expectations. Yeah, all of that is tough. You hear it. None of it is even a close second to not being able to see your children. Just that. You miss your kids’ first steps. You’re not there during Christmas. You’re not there on birthdays. And then on top of that, you’re sucking? Ah, man. And coming from a person that’s already emotional? And I don’t even want to talk to people on a regular day let alone when everything is going good.”
Newton said his faith has carried him through, both his faith in God and faith in himself. And that’s allowed him to get through the worst of times this year.
“For me, I’m being optimistic through it all and I’ve learned to be optimistic especially through these trials and tribulations because at times during this year, it was like, ‘God. What is it? What are you doing? What are you trying to tell me? Like, what am I not doing?’’’ he said. “And yeah, having to wake up at certain times and leaving the facilities a certain amount of times and still not having the success that you want to have, it teaches you resiliency. It teaches you patience. It teaches you to have faith and understanding that, listen, sooner or later, you’re going to get a break.
“I’m not looking for no handouts,” Newton went on. “It’s just more or less for me to just say, ‘Bruh, damn. Finally.’ Right? And 2020, man I’m about to sign, seal. I’m about to tie this year up, put a big knot on it. I can buy every single lock, key and throw away all of them. I don’t want to see no part of 2020, but it made me a better person. That, I do believe.”
And no matter what the future holds, Newton said he’s proud to have been a Patriot, and will carry that with him no matter what happens in the future.
“Being a part of this franchise is something that you just don’t wash away that stench, that aura of being a Patriot. It’s something that’s in you,” he said. “Being around arguably the greatest coach of all time and looking at him from afar, because I obviously, my living method may not be as his living methods.
“(Bill Belichick) wears jeans and a bubble coat or Patriots gear every single day. And meanwhile I’m Polo down, Moncler down, you know what I’m saying? Meshika hat, shades. That’s just my steez … and, (being a Patriot) still teaches you different methods of producing and having production in this league, and I will never forget that.”

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