Ski Wednesday: How to keep ski vibe alive

For those of us who love the ski and ride season so deeply we want to submerge ourselves in it long-term, it’s not as easy this year.
Sure, we have our social media pages, Facebook memories from past seasons to spark conversations (and maybe a little bragging), but it’s not as easy to simply link ski days together for many this year.
That’s why we’re going to need some props; things to do and ways to feel our love of the sport should we get less days out on the hill.
For winter sport lovers, this is nothing new. Who doesn’t have a memory of skiing all day and then rushing home to catch “Wild World of Sports” and whatever ski race was on that afternoon?
Here are some ideas to schedule into your winter to keep the vibe alive between ski days, all things you can do at home, and all things that can make the ski and ride heart pump.
Old School Movie Time: It is perhaps one of the best ski movies of all time, and not just because of the great acting by Gene Hackman and Robert Redford. Downhill Racer ( has long been held up as a great ski film, and that still holds true.
While it was filmed in 1969, it holds up (plus you can show your kids just how long and straight skis were back in the day). You’ll take in exciting runs at resorts around the world, and learn more about the race world.
To amp it up, serve everyone’s favorite slope side and base lodge food for the movie night.
Another great film from back in the day is The Other Side of the Mountain ( the story of real life ski champion Jill Kinmont and a crash that changed her life.
The ski scenes are amazing and while the story can be sentimental, you’ll be planning your Mammoth Mountain trip by the end.
Find the fun beer: Narragansett Brewing Company doesn’t just understand New England, they understand the New England skier and rider as well.
To add some extra fun to this unusual season (as well as to celebrate their recent 130th birthday), they rolled out their Ski Lager Can this winter.
The limited edition 12-ounce cans come in 12-, 18- and 30-packs and are going fast. Why not hunt them out and pop a few for that après vibe right at home (and you can pack some away for your next actual après as well, of course).
The cans are slated to be on shelves through February, but are selling fast, so now is the time to stock up. The cute cans celebrate the sport from the moment you see them, and once you pop them open you remember just how great cold, crisp lager is on a ski day – or any day.
And to up that, they’ve teamed up with East Boston’s own Parlor Custom Skis ( to create a one-of-a-kind handcrafted “Gansett Lager Snowboard.” The board was designed, built and finished at Parlor’s East Boston shop, and will be randomly awarded to a winner at the end of the season.
You can learn more about the special cans and the contest at
New Ski Movie Night: The annual debut of the next Warren Miller film has become a season marker for many, often taking place at ski area base lodges and other fun spots. This year, Warren Miller Films offers you the chance to premier their newest film, Future Retro, right in your own warm home.
Downloadable on most platforms, the film follows skiers to spots like Iceland, Switzerland and Antarctica to name a few spots, and also features New England legends Dan and John Eagan, and some fun at nearby Killington.
Warm up the hot toddys and host your own screening.

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Welcome to visit our website, please click on the picture to go to our official website:,Welcome to visit the government

Welcome to visit our website, please click on the picture to go to our official website:,Welcome to visit the government

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