1st storm of winter season brings rain, snow to Southern California

The first winter storm of the season arrived overnight, bringing rain and snow to parts of Southern California.

The stormy weather is forecast to continue through most of the day Monday as the region is hit with a second wave of rain around noon.

A line of thunderstorms from Woodland Hills to Malibu and south to Manhattan Beach will bring lightning, wind gusts to 40 mph and small hail .This line will move east across the L.A. Basin thru 6 AM. #cawx #LArain #SoCal pic.twitter.com/qvfGzCZarT— NWS Los Angeles (@NWSLosAngeles) December 28, 2020

The storm is expected to bring about an inch of rain to coastal and valley areas, according to the National Weather Service.

Some southwest facing mountain areas will receive close to 2 inches of rain.

Forecasters are also calling for a slight chance of thunderstorms, which could bring even higher rain totals to some areas.

The occasional heavy downpours led to some flooding on our local roads and freeways.

Shortly before 5 a.m., authorities temporarily closed the southbound 5 Freeway through Sun Valley due to flooding.

Flooding also impacted drivers on the 170 Freeway in North Hollywood Monday morning, aerial video from Sky5 showed.

Snow fell to around the 3,500-foot level overnight. Six to 12 inches of snow are expected to fall above the 5,000-foot mark.

There is heavy snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Be sure to plan ahead and be prepared. Always Carry tire chains, snacks and water, extra blankets, jackets and keep your cellphone charged. Check the forecast and road conditions before heading up. pic.twitter.com/JodDGPzOSF— CHP Arrowhead (@CHPArrowhead) December 27, 2020

Flurries were dropping snow on the 5 Freeway in the Gorman area Monday morning.

The freeway remained open through the Grapevine, but officials are warning that a closure is possible.

Travelers are reminded to always carry a blanket, snacks and water in their car. It is also recommended to have a phone charger with you.

The system also brought snow to the Sierra Nevada and showers to parts of Northern California on the heels of a Christmas Day storm.

Sunny skies and dry conditions are expected to return on Tuesday.


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