It’s time to start thinking of adventures outside Mass. again

I decided at the start of this pandemic and travel lockdown not to dream about faraway bucket list destinations. Instead, I focused on what travel fun I could have close to home.
Now, with vaccinations getting under way and a light at the end of the tunnel, I’m ready to think about future travel outside the state. Any finish line I can see is one I can find the energy and courage to sprint toward.
While it’s far from time to hop a plane and discover the world in person, I’m officially opening dream season. Here are some of mine:
Ireland: It’s hard for me to believe I only discovered Ireland firsthand about six years ago. I’ve been back many times since, exploring just about all of the country at this point, but it’s still high up on my list of places to return to.
My first trip back will be, I think, a repeat. I’ll go back and tour the southwest part of the country with Vagabond Tours of Ireland (
Vagabond uses small, cushy Mercedes vans with off-road capabilities, captained by guides who don’t just know their stuff, they love it.
Vagabond guides challenge one another to find off-the-beaten-path locales throughout the country. On my tour, we enjoyed sea kayaking into the slits of the cliffs off Dingle, floating in a fishing boat off the coast of Portmagee watching a pod of whales frolic, climbing to the top of the incredible Skellig Michael and Guinness pours, lots of Guinness pours.
Next up is Deer Valley Resort ( and the St. Regis Deer Valley, where you can ski hard all day and pamper even harder après and at night in Park City, Utah.
I’ve always been the combination of duct tape on my ski glove and a posh jacket combo kind of ski gal. Deer Valley at the St. Regis gives me all I need for both.
First, if you think you cannot ski hard at Deer Valley, think again. You can treat yourself to a day of skiing with Olympians like Heidi Voelker and others (for a price, but well worth it). They’ll show you how the mountain skis for every level.
The St. Regis is the kind of place that has staff pop your ski boots on and off for you; I’m not ashamed to love that.
They have great ski lessons and more: It was there I was taught my best (to date) party trick: I can officially saber a bottle of champagne. Who knows what ski and après skill I’ll gain when I return? I cannot wait to find out.
In a closer (for me) ski escape, there are so many spots I cannot wait to revisit. Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire ( will always have my heart, and despite nearly a lifetime of regular jaunts there, I’m hungry for more.
I want to ski in the morning at Attitash and the afternoon at Wildcat (both on the Epic Pass so it’s a snap), ski all day at lovely little Black Mountain and then hang for après, possibly wrapping up the day with dinner at the Shovel Handle Pub.
Photos of Lynx at Wildcat. Courtesy Attitash Mountain Resort.
I want to be crushed in a crowd at the Red Parka Pub, and sing along with everyone at the Wildcat Tavern’s Tuesday Hoot Night.
Turning to Vermont, I want to take my granddaughter to ski at Okemo, where a few decades ago, her mom started her ski life. I want to go to Sugarbush and ski my heart out all day (conquer Castlerock again) and then go to a wine dinner at Allyn’s Lodge.
I want to make the drive to Sugarloaf in Maine, and to the newly reopened Saddleback just down the road. Then I can head on to Sunday River. What a lineup.
Also high on the list is a return to Bermuda and the Pink Palace that is the Hamilton Princess (
Unofficially dubbed the “Pink Palace,” the Hamilton Princess casts quite a striking profile. Photo Courtesy Hamilton Princess/TNS
Sure, I’ll love the beautiful pools and harbor views, along with the well-appointed rooms, great food and walk to the center of town. But most of all, I want to head to their beach and just savor time in their in-the-water hammocks. What an escape.
There are more dreams, including getting to Whistler, British Columbia, where I was to ski last winter but the world got in the way. And Iceland, where I made my first visit a year ago and am hungry to explore more.
It’s all in my head now, but as we head into 2021, these dreams can become reality.
In good time.

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