Marty Walsh, Rachael Rollins and Elizabeth Warren tout themselves for Biden posts

It’s the next best thing to actually getting a Biden appointment — planting a news story making it seem like you’re in high demand.
Step to the front of the line, Marty Walsh, Rachael Rollins and Elizabeth Warren.
Walsh, the two-term Boston mayor up for re-election next year, is reportedly President-elect Joe Biden’s top choice for Labor Secretary but the push for diversity may derail the appointment, Politico says.
Right, diversity.
Nothing to do with the fact that Walsh declined to endorse Biden in the heat of the primary race.
Nothing to do with Walsh’s cozy ties with labor, or the federal investigation into union intimidation and bullying, or those two top aides who were convicted and then cleared on appeal of extortion.
Nothing to do with the fact that Walsh faces re-election against two women of color and could use the publicity about an appointment to boost his chances.
No, Walsh would slide right into the Biden cabinet if it weren’t for those pesky critics who insist the president-elect not just give jobs to white men.
It’s a nice story, one that may be only partially true.
Walsh’s chances are definitely being hurt by his staying out of the Democratic primary race before and during the Massachusetts primary. Even Walsh lackeys would admit that.
A Walsh endorsement could have given Biden a huge boost when his campaign was struggling, but the mayor instead decided to sit out the race out of deference to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
Walsh’s close ties to labor — as a former state rep he was pulling down a big salary as a union official — could be viewed as a positive but Biden could also be sensitive to charges that he is in big labor’s back pocket. And of course having two top aides accused of extortion isn’t helping Walsh, even though the charges were ultimately overturned.
There is still a chance Biden picks Walsh, but if he isn’t picked, Walsh now has an easy excuse — it’s because he’s a white man.
And all the publicity surrounding Walsh’s chances are good for his re-election hopes, if he decides to run for a third term.
Then there’s Warren, who has unabashedly tried to recruit herself into Biden’s cabinet with nothing to show for it.
The Massachusetts senator actually never made it onto Biden’s short list of Treasury candidates, but slobbering Warren sympathizers would have you believe she almost got it. Those same Warren backers also touted her for Education Secretary and even Attorney General.
But for sheer bravado, nothing beats Suffolk County District Attorney/far-left activist Rachael Rollins.
The DA has told anyone who will listen — namely fawning media supporters — that she is a candidate for U.S. Attorney.
“Yes, I have been asked with respect to whether or not I would consider being considered for the U.S. Attorney position,” Rollins said in an interview with WGBH. Rollins never named this person who asked her and it’s unclear whether she was talking about getting media inquiries about the job or if she was asked directly by a Biden transition team member.
Biden officials have never confirmed this story. And putting Rollins, a fierce critic of police, in the U.S. Attorney’s office would create a huge uproar in law enforcement.

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