Guregian: NFL Power Rankings Week 16

Week 15 saw at least two outcomes no one saw coming. The first?
The Jets won.
And they surrendered Trevor Lawrence in the process.
So they managed to beat a contending team to avoid having a winless season, and the L.A. Rams will never live that down.
The second stunner?
The two-win Bengals upset the Steelers on Monday night.
In the not-so-surprising news category, the NFC East won’t have a team that finishes with a winning record, including the division winner.
Closer to home, the Patriots won’t win the division for the first time in a dozen years, and won’t be in the playoffs. The Bills are the new AFC East kings, and the Dolphins put the nail in the Patriots coffin.
Adding insult to injury, Tom Brady led another double-digit comeback win against the Falcons, and will be in the postseason.
Strange times, indeed.
So here’s our NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 16.
1. Chiefs (13-1): They finished 8-0 on the road this year, and have won 11 straight dating back to last year. Just one more impressive tidbit behind their efforts to try and repeat and remain Super Bowl champs.
2. Packers (11-3): They won, but Aaron Rodgers won’t forgive playing a poor second half. He knows playing just 30 minutes of football isn’t going to get it done in the postseason.
3. Bills (11-3): Josh Allen wasn’t born the last time the Bills won a division title. He’s just hoping their next title doesn’t take another 25 years.
4. Saints (10-4): In a possible Super Bowl preview, they hung with the Chiefs even with Michael Thomas injured, Cam Jordan tossed from the game early, and Drew Brees rusty in his return.
5. Colts (10-4): Not to jinx him, but Phillip Rivers hasn’t thrown a killer pick in months. In his past nine starts, he’s thrown 19 TD passes and just four interceptions. He’s also had seven 100-plus passer ratings. Hard to beat that.
6. Steelers (11-3): Three straight losses. Ben Roethisberger struggling. Weren’t they unbeaten heading into December? Along with wins, the offense has disappeared.
7. Seahawks (10-4): They clinched a playoff spot with their win over Washington. They’re still not firing on all cylinders, but there’s time to heat up before the postseason.
8. Browns (10-4): They rebounded nicely from a tough Ravens loss Monday night, and are inching closer to erasing their 17-year playoff drought.
9. Buccaneers (9-5): Some were writing Tom Brady’s NFL obituary with the Bucs down 17-0 at the half. The doubters should have known better. The 43-year-old merely pulled off his 7th career comeback trailing by 17 points or more.
10. Titans (10-4): All offense. Still no defense. We’ll see how far Mike Vrabel’s team can go with a one-trick pony.
11. Ravens (9-5): Lamar Jackson and the offense have really started to hit their stride with 30-plus points in each of the last three games.
12. Dolphins (9-5): Ding, dong the witch is dead. They officially got to bury the Patriots. And with Brian Flores at the helm, it only seemed fitting.
13. Rams (9-5): Losing to an 0-13 tanking team will haunt them the rest of the year. Head coach Sean McVay was embarrassed, humbled and humiliated. And those were the polite words.
14. Cardinals (8-6): They gained a bit of a cushion as the final wild card team in the NFC. And, Kyler Murray (406 passing yards, 3 TDs) continues to heat up.
15. Bears (7-7): David Montgomery’s 146-yard rushing performance kept their slim playoff hopes alive for the final spot in the NFC. And, Mitch Trubisky has helped the cause by avoiding the usual disasters.
16. Raiders (7-7): Playoff chances fading with overtime loss to Chargers and loss of Derek Carr. Although, backup Marcus Mariota didn’t look like much of a downgrade against the Chargers.
17. Washington (6-8): They have one of the best defenses in the league, but just can’t score enough, especially with all the quarterback musical chairs that has gone on either due to injury or poor play.
18. Vikings (6-8): Props for coming back from a 1-5 start on the season, but their defense just wasn’t worthy of closing the deal on a playoff spot.
19. Patriots (6-8): They’re on to 2021. And most likely, on to the next quarterback. Life after Tom Brady has not proved a success, or memorable for that matter.
20. Chargers (5-9): Back-to-back wins on the final drive. Quarterback Justin Herbert continues to impress, and make a strong case for NFL Rookie of the Year.
21. 49ers (5-9): The defending NFC champions officially aren’t making it back to the dance. Given the usual fate of the Super Bowl runner-up, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.
22. Eagles (4-9-1): Week 2 of the Jalen Hurts experiment merely added to the raging quarterback drama simmering in Philadelphia. Forget Carson Wentz. Just give him the job, already.
23. Broncos (5-9): Jury’s still out on Drew Lock. Final two games might determine if the Broncos will once again look elsewhere for a quarterback next season.
24. Giants (5-9): Thirteen points the past two games is not the stuff of a playoff team. And when Joe Judge has to resort to a fake field goal, with the punter throwing to the center into triple coverage in the end zone, that just says it all.
25. Lions (5-9): Matthew Stafford continues to play through injuries, continues to get pounded, and continues to have nothing to show for it.
26. Cowboys (5-9): No Cowboys on the Pro Bowl roster for the first time in 31 years. Don’t even think Jerry Jones believes he was robbed.
27. Falcons (4-10): Four words no Falcon wants to hear — Tom Brady comeback win. Yep, it happened again. Down 17 with another team, the GOAT once again got the best of the Falcons.
28. Panthers (4-10): Eight of their ten losses have been by one score. So they’ve been in every game. That’s the good news. The bad? They still have no idea how to close the deal.
29. Texans (4-10): Isn’t it putting the cart before the horse, interviewing a head coaching candidate, before landing a general manager?
30. Bengals (3-10-1): Feel good win for the Bungles, who were anything but mistake-prone Monday night in upsetting the Steelers.
31. Jets (1-13): Figures they’d botch a tank job. Worst victory in team history. They just kissed Trevor Lawrence goodbye.
32. Jaguars (1-13): Thirteen straight losses, and now the keys to the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes based on strength of schedule. Life in Jacksonville just got more interesting.

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