Patriots WR N’Keal Harry sets record straight in wake of trainer’s critical remarks of Cam Newton

Have a few cracks formed in the foundation of the Patriots offense?
It sure seemed that way on Wednesday, when N’Keal Harry’s trainer, Rischad Whitfield, essentially threw Cam Newton under the bus, blaming the Patriots quarterback for some of the wideout’s troubles.
Asked about it Thursday during a video conference, Harry distanced himself from those comments, indicating he had spoken with Newton about the matter just to set the record straight.
“I just let him know and made sure he knew that whatever was said, I don’t know what was said, nothing came from me,” said Harry. “Rischad hasn’t said anything like that to me. It doesn’t sound to me like that exact statement is something he would say.
“I don’t know if it was taken out of context or what happened,” the receiver went on, “but I know that conversation never came from me, and it was never anything that I was even aware of until I saw it on social media.”
Talking about Harry’s play this season, Whitfield, aka “The Footwork King,” who helped the Patriots receiver with getting off the line quicker, suggested part of his client’s struggles were tied to Newton’s inaccuracy and lack of familiarity with the offense.
“We’ve got a new quarterback. We’ve got to put some of that (expletive) on Cam,” Whitfield told Henry McKenna of USA TODAY’s Patriots Wire. “Cam hasn’t been the most accurate this year. Like if (N’Keal) had Tom Brady, Tom Brady would’ve fed him. But we’re back there with Cam and Cam’s getting acclimated to the offense, too.”
Whitfield later claimed he was misquoted, writing on Twitter that he’d “never blame another man for someone’s lack of production.”
Harry reiterated his relationship with Newton was great, and he was appreciative of all the quarterback has done to help him this season.
“He’s been doing everything he can to help me out,” said Harry. “So I’m extremely grateful to have someone like that in the locker room.”
Snow stories
After most of Massachusetts was blasted with a foot or more of snow, players shared tales of their adventures getting to Gillette Stadium for practice Thursday.
Jakobi Meyers, who hails from Georgia and went to school in North Carolina, has seen snow, but nothing like what came down Wednesday night into Thursday.
“It was crazy. I’ve never actually seen snow like that before. That was something out of a movie. I don’t know. That was nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” said Meyers. “But I made it here safely, and that’s all that’s important. Hopefully everybody is out here being safe. We got COVID, we got snowstorms. It’s been a rough couple of months. I hope everybody’s doing well.”
Asked if it was like a Christmas movie, Meyers gave a nod.
“Definitely, like ‘Home Alone’ or something,” he said. “I’ve never witnessed snow like that before. We got ice in Georgia, but driving in that snow, that was something different.”
Cam Newton was mesmerized by the whole experience, and gave a shout out to the plowers and sanders.
“Oh my goodness, I found myself looking out the window last night . . . and like, it almost felt like a kid at Christmas, looking for Santa,” said Newton. “I was mesmerized by the guys who were trying to clean up the snow . . . man, shouts out to those guys who salt the roads and clean the roads. I know it’s a job that doesn’t get a lot of notice, but it’s extremely needed.”
Rookie linebacker Josh Uche said Patriots coach Bill Belichick gave players the choice to stay in a hotel at Patriot Place because of the snow storm. Uche took him up on the offer.
“Coach gave us the great option of staying in the hotel nearby in case we didn’t want to worry about being late to meetings or anything like that,” said Uche. “Of course, I took that option . . . it wasn’t too bad at all.”
Flores prepping for Edelman
With Julian Edelman back at practice — although not officially active — Dolphins coach Brian Flores is preparing for the possibility of having to defend the wideout, who had a knee procedure performed in October to try and alleviate chronic pain.
Speaking with reporters in Miami, Flores offered nothing but praise for the Patriots’ top receiver.
“Julian is smart, instinctive, tough, good hands, good run after catch. He understands the game offensively and the kicking game. He’s got some defensive snaps under his belt, too,” said Flores, a former Patriots assistant coach. “He’s a very good player, and I think his toughness and competitiveness, you feel that on the field.”
Newton, meanwhile, pleaded the fifth when asked about Edelman.
“I’ve learned here quickly, the less you say, the better,” he said.
Pats no pushover
In Miami, former Patriots offensive lineman Ted Karras was asked about the sub-.500 Patriots, and how strange it is to see his former team in that position.
Karras, naturally, downplayed the Patriots struggles.
“I only know a few things. I know that they’re working really hard. I know that they’re going to be prepared and they’re going to be tough, smart and physical and it’s our job here this week to prepare ourselves to outdo them in all of that. We have a lot of guys that know kind of how they’re working up there and we’ve tried to get it going down here.
Tackle woes
The Patriots are hurting at left tackle. Starter Isaiah Wynn is on injured reserve. His backup, Jermaine Eluemunor (ankle) did not practice Thursday, after being limited Wednesday. And, rookie Justin Herron, who also fills in, was limited in practice.
Not the best news heading into Sunday’s game.
One other notable practice note, running back Damien Harris, who had been a full participant Wednesday, was once again limited with an ankle injury.
In other news, defensive lineman Carl Davis was spotted, per’s Mike Dussault, signifying a return from injured reserve.
On Wednesday both wide receiver Julian Edelman and linebacker Shilique Calhoun also returned to practice from their stints on IR.
Davis (concussion) was placed on injured reserve Nov. 28. With all of the above, it’s unclear if they’ll be activated to play Sunday in Miami.

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