Guregian: NFL Power Rankings Week 15

Week 14 saw two new teams plant their stakes atop the AFC and NFC.
In terms of the latter, the Packers vaulted over the Saints, who were upset by the Eagles, with rookie Jalen Hurts making his debut. Aaron Rodgers once again stood out as Green Bay took care of business by beating the Lions. So the Packers hold the top seed in the NFC.
In the AFC, the Chiefs regained the top perch and got a little breathing space, after holding on to beat the Dolphins, while the Steelers lost to the Bills.
Around the league, the Seahawks, Buccaneers, and Ravens strengthened their respective wild card positions. The Patriots, meanwhile, pretty much put their playoff hopes to bed after getting pounded by the L.A. Rams.
So here’s our NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 15.
1. Chiefs (12-1): First time in his career Patrick Mahomes threw three interceptions. No matter, even with the human version of Mahomes, the Chiefs still win.
2. Packers (10-3): Aaron Rodgers continues to make his case for MVP, with an NFL-leading 39 passing touchdowns for the NFC’s top team.
3. Bills (10-3): They’ve put themselves in great position to capture their first AFC East title in a quarter of a century. And the way Josh Allen is playing right now, they’re going to be a tough out in the playoffs.
4. Saints (10-3): Did the bloom come off the rose with Taysom Hill? With Drew Brees’ return on the horizon, not sure if Hill’s done enough, or answered enough questions to be their future quarterback.
5. Steelers (11-2): December hasn’t been the best month for the Men of Steel. An 11-0 start has crumbled into a two-game losing streak, and loss of the AFC’s top seed and first-round bye.
6. Rams (9-4): Sean McVay was outcoached in Super Bowl LIII by Bill Belichick. But he turned the tables last Thursday night with the Rams maintaining their lead in the NFC West.
7. Seahawks (9-4): After being upset by the Giants, they needed a get-well game. The Jets were the perfect remedy, with the Seahawks teeing off on the winless team.
8. Colts (9-4): Not bad when the performance of the offense can get an opposing defensive coordinator canned. The 44 points the Colts scored was the most under head coach Frank Reich. It was also enough to get Paul Guenther tossed.
9. Browns (9-4): They didn’t win the war with the Ravens, but still managed to put teams on notice for the postseason. These aren’t the same old Browns.
10. Buccaneers (8-5): They managed to stop the bleeding after two straight losses. They seem to have committed to the run game, to better set up Tom Brady for success.
11. Titans (9-4): Derrick Henry now has four 200-yard rushing games including two this season. The one-man wrecking ball deserves to be in the NFL MVP conversation along with Mahomes and Rodgers.
12. Ravens (8-5): The MVP version of Lamar Jackson showed up Monday night, and not a moment too soon. He heroically returned to win the game after missing much of the fourth quarter, leading the team to two scores in the final two minutes.
13. Dolphins (8-5): They showed a lot of fight against the Chiefs. They just don’t have the offensive firepower to go toe-to-toe with Mahomes and the defending Super Bowl champs.
14. Cardinals (7-6): They slipped back into the final wild card spot after getting a monster defensive effort, holding the Giants to just 159 total yards with eight sacks.
15. Raiders (7-6): Their defense got absolutely trampled by the Colts running game. Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther was fired in the aftermath. Might be too little, too late.
16. Patriots (6-7): The Patriots find themselves in unfamiliar territory. They’re all but mathematically eliminated from the post-season with three weeks to go. And, they won’t be AFC East champs after 11 straight seasons at the top. Welcome to mediocrity.
17. Vikings (6-7): Death by a kicker with the yips. Dan Bailey missed three field goals and an extra point, his third missed PAT in two weeks. In all, he’s had seven missed kicks the past two games. Tough to watch. Even tougher to keep employed.
18. Washington (6-7): Don’t sleep on the Washington Football Team defense. It’s backed the run to the top of the NFC East.
19. Bears (6-7): Even Mitchell Trubisky can have a good day. He feasted on the Texans defense, one of the worst in the NFL.
20. Broncos (5-8): Drew Lock finally played a clean game, which was big news in Denver. He had his first full game without throwing an interception since Week 1. He kept his passes to Broncos receivers, throwing 4 TDs.
21. Giants (5-8): Joe Judge said he had no regrets starting Daniel Jones, who limped around, didn’t show his usual mobility, and couldn’t elude the Cardinals pass rush. Jones was sacked six times.
22. 49ers (5-8): Their postseason hopes are all but buried. It’ll be interesting to see if Jimmy Garoppolo returns for the final weeks, and what his future holds.
23. Eagles (4-8-1): Jalen Hurts rushed for over 100 yards in his debut, helping the Eagles get back in the win column. You better believe Doug Pederson is starting him again at quarterback on Sunday.
24. Lions (5-8): They hung with the Packers, continued their positive play post-Matt Patricia, and just don’t have a win to show for it.
25. Chargers (4-9): The last two seasons, the Bolts have been the kings of losing one-score games. But Sunday, they managed to pull one out.
26. Falcons (4-9): Matt Ryan continues to struggle, and throw picks. He had three more in a losing effort to the Chargers, and posted a 41.1 quarterback rating.
27. Panthers (4-9): They don’t seem to know how to win the close games, continuing to fail miserably in the fourth quarter.
28. Cowboys (4-9): Andy Dalton’s return to Cincinnati sparked the Cowboys and kept the playoff hopes of Jerry’s boys alive.
29. Texans (4-9): Deshaun Watson is great, but not when he’s constantly running for his life. An offseason priority for the new GM has to be fixing an offensive line that still can’t protect the franchise quarterback.
30. Bengals (2-10-1): They have a league-leading 16 fumbles lost, after three more against the Cowboys. Talk about continuously shooting yourself in the foot.
31. Jaguars (1-12): Does anyone know the Jags have a 1,000-yard rusher in 2020? Rookie James Robinson quietly joined Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook in the club. He also became just the fourth undrafted rookie to accomplish the feat.
32. Jets (0-13): And for their latest act of ineptitude, they missed three field goals in one quarter. Their 13 straight losses is a new franchise record, which they’ll top in each of the final three weeks of the season.

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